Find out what needs to be done and take action

For the accomplishment of the purpose and the fulfillment of the objectives, the Association may cooperate with Romanian and foreign natural or legal entities, with Romanian and foreign authorities, governmental bodies, public institutions and organizations, through the conclusion of cooperation agreements, for granting of funds, staff training, information exchange and so on.

The Objectives of the Association are the following:

Our immediate focus is on securing funding for the objectives below:

  • salary of the psalt(s)
  • cleaning and maintenance of the church and of its immediate surroundings
  • decorations and preparations for Holy Feasts
  • securing the performance of Holy Sacraments (baptisms, weddings, etc.)
  • promoting the church history and respecting the tradition of generosity of its founders
  • building repairs and restoration of damaged icons

Our constant attention will also be directed to on-going actions such as:

  • organize events related to church celebrations
  • promote and sponsor social and cultural events in accordance with traditional values of the church, with the purpose of strengthening the relations between Greeks from diaspora, and Greek-Romanian relations in general
  • develop the relationship of the church with other organizations and institutions
  • organize meetings and conferences in accordance with the purpose of the Association
  • publishing magazines, books and other informative publications
  • organize informative campaigns
  • participate in partnerships with other natural or legal persons having the same or similar scope