Management and control

The Association of Friends of the Hellenic Church of Bucharest are Roccos Cosmatos, Danae Stampouli, Ioana Valvis and Gerasimos Vergotis.

The executive committee is responsible for the leadership of FHC and is made of:
President: Danae Stampouli.
Treasurer: Gerasimos Vergotis.
Secretary: Roccos Cosmatos.
The management and control of the Association is being assured by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
The initial Association’s General Assembly comprises all the Members of the Association and assures the accomplishment of its purpose and objectives.
The Board of Directors is initially elected by the General Assembly for a three-year term, renewable upon decision of the General Assembly.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for any kind of queries. We greatly value your involvment and your support in fulfilling the Association's objectives