FHC Membership

As a member, you get to vote and decide on our present and future.
There are two simple steps to becoming a member:

Complete an Application that includes recommendation from two existing members
Download the application form here

Deposit your Fees (one-time Registration & Annual Membership), once your Application has been accepted
Download the payement instructions here

At this moment, our registration and annual membership fees are EUR 25 and EUR 120 respectively.

Our immediate focus is on securing funding for the objectives below:

  • salary of the psalt(s)
  • cleaning and maintenance of the church and of its immediate surroundings
  • decorations and preparations for Holy Feasts
  • securing the performance of Holy Sacraments (baptisms, weddings, etc.)
  • promoting the church history and respecting the tradition of generosity of its founders
  • building repairs and restoration of damaged icons
Click to see the full list of objectives

Thank you!

Your contribution makes a world of difference in preserving this historical monument and in building the Greek community in Bucharest.