No kind gesture is too small

There are no minimum or maximum amounts. Everyone can donate what and when possible, according to their financial capabilities and possibilities. We do not accept cash payments.

Ways to give

Donate online via direct wire transfer

Depositing funds into our bank account (all gifts are tax deductible, see below section for benefits).

Recurring Card Payments.

In order to maintain full transparency for all transactions, we do not accept cash payments.

Fiscal Code for sponsorship

The Romanian fiscal code, which allows part of an individual‘s personal income tax or corporate income tax to be directed to charities of their choice.
Individuals and legal entities based in Romania can additionally benefit and participate via the special facilities allowed by the Romanian fiscal code.
See banking details below, if you want to take action now:
  • Beneficiary: Asociatia Prietenilor Bisericii Elene a Bucurestiului
  • Bank: Banca Transilvania
  • IBAN (RON): RO94 BTRL RONC RT0P 7134 2601
  • IBAN (EUR): RO79 BTRL EURC RT0P 7134 2601
  • Swift Code: BTRLRO22

Our immediate focus is on securing funding for the objectives below:

  • salary of the psalt(s)
  • cleaning and maintenance of the church and of its immediate surroundings
  • decorations and preparations for Holy Feasts
  • securing the performance of Holy Sacraments (baptisms, weddings, etc.)
  • promoting the church history and respecting the tradition of generosity of its founders
  • building repairs and restoration of damaged icons
Click to see the full list of objectives

Thank you!

Your contribution makes a world of difference in preserving this historical monument and in building the Greek community in Bucharest.