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Our mission

Solidarity, Generosity, Respect
A symbol of generosity and solidarity, for a place of worship, keeping it operational and open to the community it serves.

The Association of Friends of the Hellenic Church of Bucharest was established to support the day-to-day functioning as well as the long-term preservation of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, a beautiful, exquisite and unique Greek Orthodox Church in Bucharest, Romania, that combines harmoniously two traditions: externally, the Ionian temple; internally, the byzantine basilica.


Church of the Annunciation Ceiling and arch
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FHC’s efforts are welcomed by the Greek Embassy in Romania, as well as the clergy that is holding the liturgy for the Church of the Annunciation:
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Please visit the News section of the FHC website, for up to date information about progress updates, events and community actions.

Maintenance work on the outside of our Temple


Cutting trees in the area of ​​the Embassy and the Church


Easter 2022 Church of the Annunciation. Church of the Annunciation liturgy.


Easter 2021 Church of the Annunciation. Church of the Annunciation liturgy.


Easter 2019 Church of the Annunciation. Church of the Annunciation liturgy.


Easter 2018 Church of the Annunciation. Church of the Annunciation liturgy.


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Οι ευχές μας εγκάρδιες και θερμές
για μια πνευματική, δημιουργική και
εκ Θεού ευλογημένη χρονιά, γεμάτη
Υγεία, Αγάπη, Ειρήνη και Ελπίδα!

Χαρείτε το νέο μας ημερολόγιο για το έτος 2020 με συλλεκτικές φωτογραφίες της ιστορίας της Eκκλησίας του Ευαγγελισμού της Θεοτόκου.

Για παραγγελίες παρακαλούμε επικοινωνείστε μέσω messenger ή στο 0744911522. Κόστος 50 RON

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Perseverance, Faith, Benefaction

By the end of the 19th century, the Greek Diaspora in Romania was a thriving community.
This group was determined to create its own place of worship, highlighting its inheritance: the Hellenistic tradition, a cornerstone of modern Europe; the Orthodox spirit, pillar of faith and spiritual guidance. Many problems had to be solved, many obstacles to overcome.


Symbol of Greece, Treasure of Bucharest

The Church of the Annunciation is important for its beauty, architecture and historical significance and is a listed monument of the Romanian capital. It is the pride of the Greek community in Bucharest, the friends of Greece and the Orthodox faith.


Uniting the Diaspora

The Church of the Annunciation is the one heart of the Greek Orthodox Christian faith in Bucharest. Its preservation, continued functioning and promotion of the values it embodies is essential to the local Greek community.


Offer, Sacrifice, Compassion

There are many ways to help us achieve our mission from anywhere in the world either through your time, financial contributions or a combination of both. No kind gesture is too small and every effort counts to make a difference.

See how you can help

An arhitectural work of art of timeless beauty

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